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About Us


Aptus ABA services is a specialized ABA therapy center for individuals diagnosed with Autism. We deliver evidence-based therapy by qualified professionals, including Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Registered Behavior Technicians in a 1:1 program platform. 

 By providing continuing education and supervision to our staff we embody our two core values: professional integrity and high quality of services. Aptus ABA services are dedicated to abiding by the ethical standards outlined by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. 


Our Mission...


to provide the highest quality treatment for our children while creating a positive environment for them to learn. By using applied behavioral analysis, we strive to improve the quality of like of our clients. We provide an open and honest communication system between therapists and families for our clients to develop to their full potential. Every program is individualized to the child's unique needs taking a collaborative approach with other professionals in the child's life. We monitor progress and celebrate any small achievement because we know it can mean a big victory. 

Our Vision... 

Aptus ABA services are founded on the vision that every family impacted by Autism should have support by a team of professionals who strive to deliver the most appropriate behavioral services to meet their client's individual needs and reach their full potential. 


We offer a free 20-min consultation with one of our behavior analysts to explain ABA therapy and all of its benefits 

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